Fundraisers traditionally call for donations of money, but not ours! Instead, we want items usually placed in the bin.

Office materials that normally end up in the bin – toner and inkjet printer cartridges, and old mobile phones – can be recycled to raise valuable funds for Warwick District Citizens Advice Bureau. If you’re guilty of throwing away used printer cartridges and other recyclable office materials, read on!

Our Recycling Appeal is an easy way to help the environment while supporting a great cause. Our organisation is currently working to raise funds for some much needed new computers and with your support, we are confident our Recycling Appeal will be a great success.

Not only will your participation in our Recycling Appeal raise the organisation much needed funds, recycling allows you to make a positive impact on the environment. To participate in this eco-friendly fundraiser, simply drop off your unwanted phones/cartridges at the Bureau (see our address under Get in Touch on the right of this screen). If you have large quantities, please call Martin on 01926 457907 to arrange a collection.